Eveline Azur - Glass Artist and Painter

A brief history.
Eveline was born into an artistic family. She attended a  good School For Graphic Design and Photography in Ljubljana, then developed  a love of working with glass  at her father's stained glass studio in Lesce-Bled.  He was also a graphic designer at Ehapa Publishing, Stuttgart. With these influences she learnt quickly and made swift progress on many public commissions in a commercial situation under the umbrella company.  She also taught stained glass techniques  in Croatia, where she lived for  a time.

Since then she has raised a family of three children. Having children was an intense new life experience, bringing a renewed sense of purpose and meaning, and the change has been reflected in her creativity. For several years she has retreated to  her homestead in the mountains of Slovenia where she has refined her ideas and honed her skills, producing a constant and varied stream of her own beautiful and unique art pieces, driven by her love to express her feelings and vision in stained glass and other associated mosaic materials. Her art shows her remarkable ability to adapt, understand the plastic properties of the materials and produce mature work in these different media. and the resulting output reveals a sense of conviction in that what she is doing is right, showing a strong sense of personal realization and direction.

Recently she has started producing her first paintings in oil, an exciting new departure. Showing  exceptional draughtsmanship in portrait and figure drawing, her ambition for the future is to formally study portrait painting at an Academy of Realism in Florence.  She is uncovering and discovering latent but precious talents which need to be nurtured and appreciated.
Andrew Taylor August 2015